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Hiking holiday with a dog

2 legs. 4 paws. 300 km of hiking trails.

Would you like to go on a hiking holiday together with your best (four-legged) friend for the very first time? Great idea, because hiking with a dog strengthens the already close bond between master and mistress and your four-legged buddy even more. On this page we want to answer the most important questions, provide useful information about hiking holidays with a dog and show what options the Sölden holiday destination has to offer.

Which hikes are suitable for dogs?

Just as with humans, the walking route for the dog should be chosen according to age, health and fitness level. Basically, young dogs should have completed the growth phase before they are taken on hikes. A rule of thumb: the dog should be at least one year old. To prepare for the first hiking adventures together, longer walks are very helpful – as your four-legged friend continuously builds up physical condition and sure-footedness.

Ultimately, of course, the choice of hiking route depends on the dog breed itself: with a breed that loves to run, such as a Labrador or Border Collie, longer distances can be covered than with a Dachshund or Poodle. Not only the distance of a hike is decisive, you should also keep an eye on the difference in altitude that you have to cover, so that you don't overexert your dog.


What must be considered when hiking with a dog?

Before setting off on a hike with your four-legged friend, you should find out whether there are sufficient sources of water along the route. In order to avoid nasty surprises, you should also research whether there are tricky climbing passages along the hiking trail. In case of multi-day hiking tours with overnight stays at a hut, you have to make sure if dogs are allowed in the hut.

Spring and autumn are the best times of year to hike with your dog. Especially on hot summer days, there is a risk of heat stroke for your four-legged friend - accordingly, you should avoid the hottest days in the summer months. There is also a general danger to humans and animals if there are free-ranging cows or grazing cattle! The basic rules of conduct for alpine pasture visitors can be found HERE.


Are there accommodations where dogs are allowed and are they specially equipped for dog owners?

Yes, in the Sölden holiday region pets and therefore dogs are currently welcome in 178 accommodations. The range of dog-friendly lodgings comprises not only bed and breakfasts and apartments but also hotels and campsites.


Are the hiking trails suitable for dogs and are there any leash restrictions?

The destination of Sölden is Austria's largest municipality in terms of area, it is even larger than Vienna. Accordingly, you will find countless hiking routes here that will suit you and your four-legged friend. Be it leisurely walking on the valley floor or lift-assisted hikes (dogs are allowed on Giggijoch gondola, Gaislachkogl gondolas I + II, Schwarze Schneid gondola, Hochsölden/Rotkogl gondola and Tiefenbach gondola), the variety of tours is almost endless. By the way: dogs are also allowed on the valley-wide bus lines, provided they are on a short lead and wear a bite-proof muzzle. In general, dog leashes are mandatory outdoors with the exception of special dog zones where they can run freely.


Are there any shops or services in the area that cater specifically to dog owners (e.g. dog boarding, dog sitting services)?

Of course, you can also get food for your four-legged buddy in all grocery stores in the Sölden region. The Falkner dog boarding kennel, located between Sölden and Längenfeld, also offers dog boarding and sitting: be it short stays for half a day or accommodation lasting several days, your four-legged buddy will be well looked after here. The spacious kennels are equipped with insulated dog houses, some are covered and offer plenty of space to run around. A further eight larger free run areas are also available.


Are there any special health risks for dogs in the region (e.g. ticks, poisonous plants)? Are there veterinaries within the valley?

Apart from ticks, which are more likely to be found at lower altitudes, there are no particular health risks for your dog. There is no veterinarian directly in the Sölden region, but within Ötztal and in the nearby town of Imst:

  • Längenfeld & Gries region: Vet. Selina Kasper | More details
  • Oetz region: Vet. Christine Haslwanter | Phone: +43 664 1538 464
  • Veterinary clinic in Imst | More details


What else you should know, consider & take with you

  • Dogs are allowed to travel on the public bus lines in Sölden and Ötztal if they wear a bite-proof muzzle and are kept on a short leash
  • Dogs must always be kept on a leash outdoors, with the exception of free run zones
  • Do not forget your dog vaccination card, EU pet passport and proof of insurance
  • Check vaccination boosters
  • Take poop bags with you
  • Stable transport box for the journey, if needed
  • Familiar food, if needed
  • Pack utensils such as dog harness and leash
  • Attach additional dog tag with accommodation address to the leash
  • Food and water bowls, if needed
  • Dog first-aid kit, if needed
  • Dog toys, if needed
  • For overnight stays in huts: check in advance whether dogs are allowed

Two in one go: holiday planning made easy

On soelden.com you can organize a hiking holiday with your dog quickly and conveniently: no matter if you are looking for accommodation or bookable activities, here you will find everything in one place. Currently there are some 170 dog-friendly accommodations in all categories bundled in our accommodation list. Guaranteed at the best price and with cancellation guarantee up to 48 hours prior to arrival (depending on accommodation).

You can also find a huge choice of suitable activities and experiences, such as guided hikes, online in our Adventure Shop.